AMBITIONX Develops Strategy That Wins for Brands.

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Three Service Tiers


Identify your brand's one big differentiated advantage and develop a custom strategy, enabling you to own this advantage in the minds of your clients and customers.


Guide the strategy implementation, turning your custom strategy into targeted brand campaigns that intensify your clients's and customers' desire to buy your products and services.


Partnership opportunities are considered with key market players across industry sectors.

Hi, I’m Mona Khanna, Founder & CEO of AMBITIONX.

Here is a sample portfolio of strategic business outcomes and growth opportunities I've created over my 20+ year career as an Advisor, Investor, Partner, Consultant, Employee and Entrepreneur:

Founded multiple 6 figure strategy consulting businesses, starting in 2009, that have been profitable from day 1, with 60%-70% profit margins.

Increased strategy consulting deal size by 76X, from $200,000 to $15.2 Million at a top tier investment bank, in 3 months, without any training in sales or business development, for a C-level sponsored cyber security initiative.

Accelerated capture of strategic market opportunities to achieve market expansion and penetration targets for a 200+ brand consumer packaged goods (CPG) company; developed and managed a portfolio management strategy for a C-level sponsored $40 million portfolio.

Created business strategy, model, vision and brand name for a concierge healthcare services firm, catering to the ultra high net worth market; featured in Bloomberg and Crain's New York Business.

Developed brand strategy, vision and retail concept for a luxury food and beverage startup; performed market research; developed 6 exotic tea flavors, 2 of which specifically target the coffee drinking market; hosted experiential networking events to conduct commercial and retail buyer testing and to facilitate meaningful connections.

Advised, speaking engagements and evaluated capital raise pitches for fortune500s, startups and venture accelerators.

Developed and implemented portfolio brand marketing strategy for the biggest deal of 2020, strategic acquisition of a CPG franchise brand for $11+ Billion.

Worked on an IPO deal team, taking a company public in 2021, market cap valuation of $45+ Billion.

Created $1+ Trillion in realized market cap gains for public and private companies in 2020-2021.